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Annual Report 2023


What does it take to be on mission around the clock, all year round, in Switzerland and abroad? We highlight three topics in the current annual report.


Indispensable specialists in the background

By the end of 2026, Rega will have modernised its entire helicopter fleet and put 21 of the latest generation of rescue helicopters into operation. Find out how an interdisciplinary team is planning further improvements based on its experience with the previous machines and what role a wooden model plays in this

Instructors from within our own ranks

Advising patients abroad and carrying out medical examinations prior to repatriation are complex matters. Read about the medical criteria used by the consultant physicians to decide whether, when and how someone is repatriated from abroad.

In constant contact

Rega invests heavily in infrastructure, equipment and software solutions so that its national air rescue center can contact a rescue helicopter crew anywhere in Switzerland at any time. We show what it takes to ensure that the flight coordinators can respond at any time and always have the next suitable crew available for an emergency.